Panama Guiding Services gets you into the wilderness surrounding Santa Fe and beyond…

Cascada Bermejo
Cascada El Bermejo


Here in the Serrania de Tabasará, the eastern portion of Panama’s Central Cordillera, healthy forest ecosystems are interspersed with remote indigenous and farming communities still embracing tradition.

From the subsistence polycultures of the fertile valleys, to the primary rain forests within the Santa Fe National Park, diversity is in abundance. There is great variation in climate within short distances, and one can experience very different landscapes, shaped by wind, rain and local farming practices, all within a days exploration of the area.


Bermejo Cascadas Santa Fe Veraguas Panama


With a myriad of locations to explore, your experience is tailored to your interests, from mountain peaks to water falls, snorkeling within the clear waters of the Santa Maria to birding along forested trails, with the morning sun eclipsed by distant mountain peaks.




We provide the following as needed:

  • 4×4 transportation
  • Rubber boots 
  • Healthy snack
  • graham hiking guide santa fe panama veraguasEnglish & Español

Contact Graham:

Panama (507) 6878.5651


Cascada La Isleta, Veraguas, Panama
Cascada La Isleta
El Tute, Santa Fe, Veraguas, Panama
Cerro El Tute
Santa Fe Veraguas Panama
Lago Naranjal

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